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What advantages does working with LEVEYart have over its competitors?

Personal dedicated design service, cost effective design to meet any budget and proprietary designs that are fully customizable. We handle your project, personally, from start to finish. There is no middle man, which increases accuracy and decreases turnaround time. Our dedicated team is here to make sure that your needs are met every step of the way from design conception to the final printed product.

Where can I use LEVEYart's wallcoverings?

Anywhere! Whether it be a feature wall, an entire room, or privacy film on glass, LEVEYart’s digital wallcoverings can be used to transform your space, inspire the occupants or create a visual focus.

What types of substrates do you offer?

We have an extensive substrate library to fit your needs. All of our substrates are ASTME-84 fire rated and many are CAN ULC compliant. 

We currently offer:


Smooth 20 oz  commercial vinyl wallcovering

Textured 20 to 24 oz commercial vinyl wallcovering

Window & Glass Films

Photorealistic Poster Paper

Metallic 20 oz commercial  vinyl wallcovering

Dry Erase (including magnetic)

Glass textile woven wallcovering

Glass textile smooth wallcovering

Terralon non-vinyl commercial wallcovering

Wood veneer wallcovering

Are there special installation instructions?

LEVEYart’s digital wallcoverings comes with custom installation instructions catered to your job. An easy to follow, step-by-step guide including surface preparation instructions and procedures is included both with the final shipment of your custom wallcovering and a general guideline is available to include in the  initial specification documents.

What are the available print widths?

Our substrates vary in width, with several available in custom widths.  Please refer to the technical documents for each media substate.

Does LEVEYart supply designs or can I use my own creation?

LEVEYart provides full service from design conception to production. However, you can also use your own designs and photos, provided that the artwork is owned by or licensed to you and meets the minimum image resolution standards for your particular project.

Where can care and maintenance information for LEVEYart products be found?

All information and instructions regarding care and maintenance of LEVEYart products can be found HERE.

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